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Augmenting Intelligence · didi provides rigorous design services and develops software that leverages the findings of Cognitive Science and Visual Perception. This re-emerging field is called “Cognitive Engineering.” We also teach others how to do it.

Evolution gave us a powerful
“Cognitive Input Protocol”

Understand it.  Build tools that use it.

“Brad Paley looks at the world differently, and provides a perspective in design that is innovative and intuitive for users. He is able to combine his unusual perspective with years of proven successful design and implementation to deliver transformational change with the mastery of a minimalist.”

Lou PastinaSenior Vice President, NYSE

“The didi approach made our highly-functional (but complicated) Prime Brokerage Client-Access Reporting System much easier by applying unique didi information-object technology, and the paper-prototype design process we learned from didi saved us uncountable development hours and business-side frustration.”

Managing Director, Lehman Brothers Prime Brokerage Development

“We looked at everyone we could and didn’t find a fraction of the background, insight, or capabilities. Brad gave a seminar in the didi design methodology that left my development team inspired and motivated.”

—Perry Metviner, Managing Director, Merrill Lynch Equities Trading Development

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Applying Cognitive Engineering to things our clients couldn’t fund is what let us invent this future

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